Video: Transgender Woman Beaten Unconscious on a Bus By a Straight Man


A transphobia video has surface online which is trending, it’s heartbreaking making rounds on social media.

The video recorded in the bus shows a transgender woman arguing with a straight man. It was a calm argument at first but the transgender woman went to the straight man and touched his head. It wasn’t exactly a violent touch, but the straight man reacted quickly and punched her, throwing her down on the chair.

The man hit the transwoman repeatedly until she was too weak to move. He then raised his leg and stamped on her head. She immediately fell from the chair to the floor and he continues stamping on her head with his Timberland boots. He stamped on her head multiple times and refused to stop even after she started bleeding profusely.

No one in the bus made a move to help the wounded woman or to hold the man back. By the time the man was done stamping on her, she had bled out so much and was no longer moving.

The video is very hard to watch till the end but if you have the heart, see it below.

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