Never Underestimate Any Human at First Sight


Life usually has two side of it, all depends on where we lie on. Discernment to a good side of life is paramount for coexistence. Know the difference between a person that is not worth it, and a person that is not perfect. Don’t overlook your blessings just because you don’t like how it looks when you first receive it. Even a flower has to go through different stages of growth before you see its most beautiful side blossom.

We all are unfinished products hoping to get better each day. Stop expecting people to be the perfect package when you first meet them. Give a person some room to grow & blossom. Be a person’s water, sunlight and inspiration as you patiently wait for them to blossom into their own flower.

So many people prematurely give up on someone special not even knowing that, that person’s growth process is just about to take place. Growing with someone helps you both establish a deeper bond, and reach a deeper level of love. I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t give up on the seed just because you haven’t witnessed the flower yet.

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