…We hard the First Sex, but no sign of Blood Stains….Is she a virgin?


I recently married my girlfriend who claimed to be a virgin. However, while making love to her on our wedding night, there was no sign of resistance or any blood after the act. Although I read somewhere that the presence or absence of the hymen is no confirmation of virginity, I am still worried in case my wife has been deceiving me all this while about her virginity. Please help.


Badmus (by SMS)

Female virginity is traditionally defined as the state of a woman who has not engaged in penis-vagina s3xual intercourse. And although it is generally believed that the confirmation of a woman’s virginity lies in the existence of her hymen, it has been confirmed that female virginity cannot be absolutely measured or proven from a physical examination or test.

This is because the hymen which is a thin fold (or folds) of mucous tissue located 1-2 centimeters inside the vaginal opening can be tampered with in many ways other than through s3x.

And although the first time that a woman has penis-vagina s3xual intercourse, it is possible that the penetration of the penis into the vaginal opening may partially or completely rupture the hymenal tissue with some pain and bleeding however, less than half of women bleed the first time that they have intercourse. Importantly, there are actually other activities that can cause tears in the hymen.  Participating in sports like cycling, horseback riding, or gymnastics can cause hymenal tears.

There are also other things that may cause the hymen to tear: the insertion of a tampon, the insertion of a speculum during a gynecological exam, the insertion of fingers, and masturbation. Therefore, whether or not a woman’s hymen is “intact” cannot be physical proof of whether or not she has engaged in penis-vagina s3x.

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