Video: 2 Indian Doctors Starts to Fight in the Middle of Operating on a Pregnant Woman

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A video has emerged of two senior doctors, Assistant Professor Dr Ashok Nanival and Anaesthesiology Professor M L Tank, arguing and threatening each other while operating on a pregnant woman at Umaid Hospital, Jodhpur, India.

Dr Nanival, in green scrubs, is heard telling Tank in blue scrubs, “Arey kis galatfehmi me ho, salta dunga toh… (what delusion are you in, I’ll have you ‘taken care’ of).” As the argument continues, Tank is heard saying, Tu apni aukat me reh (you stay within your limits),” as other doctors try to calm them both.

“Dr Nanival’s services have been terminated, while Dr Tank has been transferred to another hospital.

The preganant woman whom they were operating on during the argument and her child are said to be in good condition.

However, another preganant lady who was being operated on in this thearter lost her baby. The Chief Medical and Health Officer (CHMO) Choudhary said the argument had nothing to do with the death of the woman

“The woman, whose baby died, had already been operated upon 2-3 hours before the said video,” he said Watch the video below..


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