My Bust is too Big, Say 19 years Old Girl

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I am a 19-year-old undergraduate in one of Nigeria’s universities. Although my friends consider me to be a very beautiful lady, my problem is my bust. It is so big that I have had to place special order for my brassieres.

Kindly let me know if there are any drugs or surgical operation I can use to reduce my bust. The embarrassment is just too much. Solution to that!

Since your friends have already confirmed that you a very beautiful lady,  I don’t see why you should worry again about your bust.

Using drugs to reduce your bust may have some unpleasant side effects which may be injurious to your health as such, I will not advise that you use drugs. I will also not recommend surgery.

Apart from the high expense, surgery may also affect you negatively. Every individual has been created by God in a special way and my advice is for you to enjoy your natural endowment.


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