Here Are 7 Mistakes Ladies Make On Their Periods


7 Hygiene Mistakes Ladies Make On Their Period

There are a few things ladies need to know about menstruation. First not all habits you think seem hygienic is actually hygienic.

Second, not everything you crave as a food is a good for you. And lastly, you may think you know all about your periods, but you don’t.

I would be concisely analyzing some few habits ladies have that may be dangerous to them during the course of their periods.

So sit back and enjoy the next few paragraphs as it may change a lot about your menstrual health orientation.

Ignoring The Colour Of Your Blood

Generally, the colour of your blood, during the period should normally fall on the spectrum of red, pink dark red and some times brown.

There are a lot of factors that determine the colour of a menstrual blood but only when close attention is paid to the colour of the blood, can you determine whether or not the colour is healthy or not.

Most women don’t know that their blood colour might change every time they have periods. Normal blood colour during periods starts from brown spotting on the first day, bright shades of red and finally dark brown on the last day.

However, if a woman receives periods of any colour apart from the above mentioned, then it means she has a problem and should see a doctor.

For example, if the colour of your blood is not red and instead orange is the colour and which may at times be orange with red streak, you should contact your doctor immediately because that is a symptom of an infection.

Wrong Choice Of Diet

It is a normal for you to have food cravings just before or during your period. It is also normal that the food you crave would revolve around spicy to extra sugary and at times carbonated foods.

However, the drift of the gist is that, such kinds of foods are not healthy for you during the periods. To many ladies, it worsens the cramps they have during the period.

And if you’ve ever witnessed a painstaking cramp or menstrual pain as the layman call it, you would understand that it is not something for you to compound by eating unhealthy.

Even alcohol cravings are very terrible. Menstruation periods are the best time to eat foods rich in vitamins and multi-minerals.

Diet rich in vitamins and minerals should be provided to ladies during menstruation. The absence of vitamins and minerals in the diet during periods affects their health harshly.

Therefore, to have improper diet during periods is the biggest mistake done by the ladies.

Forgetting To Change The Pads Or Tampons

Regularly changing your pads and tampons is key for proper hygiene. So how long should you use them? Pads should be changed once they are soaked with blood – usually every six hours or so.

You’ll probably need to do this more often at the start of your period. As for tampons, don’t leave them in for more for than 4 to 8 hours.

Otherwise, a life-threatening condition called toxic shock syndrome (TSS) can develop. It’s caused by bacterial infections that can crop up from leaving a tampon in for too long.

To avoid this, use low-absorbency tampons and change them frequently. Avoid sleeping with them, too.

Using Scented Products On And Around The Vagina

It is understandable that many of you ladies out there don’t like the smell of your period. Some of you are probably irritated by the smell of your blood.

It is very important to note that the smell is natural and as the vagina is created to operate, it often cleans itself.Once, the period is over, the vagina returns to its natural smell and everything is good.

Understandably, some ladies prefer to use scented products around the vagina to rid the odour but gynaecologists oppose to such habits.

The reason for this is that some of these products contain compounds capable of tampering or better still messing around with the chemistry of the Vagina.

The best hygiene for the vagina to prevent or control odour, is regularly washing of the vagina with clean water.

When we say washing, we do not say douching. Douching often times have a negative effect during menstrual periods.

Practicing Unsafe Sex During Menstrual Period

If a lady does sex without protection in the days of menstruation, then it is a very big mistake, a grave one at that.

Gynaecologists have repeated times without number that it is never advisable for a menstruating lady to have unprotected sex.

Unprotected sex during menstruation places a lady at the highest risk of sexually transmitted diseases. And not just that, her sexual partner is not free from such high risks.

If a lady does sex in menstruation, then her partner should use the condom. Therefore, the lady should avoid doing sex during menstruation.

Overtaking Painkillers Just In The Name Of Cramps

During menstruation, ladies experience so much of pain in muscles and other parts of the body. For getting relief from the pain, they use to take pain relievers during periods.

These pain relievers reduce the capacity to tolerate pains and create addiction. Therefore, to take pain relievers during periods is the biggest mistake done by the ladies.

Getting The Pubic Region Waxed

Changes in the hormonal chemistry of a lady during menstruation of leaves her vagina and vaginal area extra sensitive and this is obviously not such a good time to hate the pubic hair.

Reason because the pubic region when waxed may be extra ordinarily painful, and not just that, it may be irritated, and the area be left redder than usual.

There is also a risk of contracting irritation rash at the area after waxing. So best advice, stay the hell away from waxing during periods.

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