Nigerian Air Personality Toke Makinwa had to say She hated Her Body and She Fixed It


Toke Makinwa, on-air-personality and author, says she had plastic surgery because she hated her body.

The 34-year-old events’ host made this known on Twitter while sharing her 2018 lessons.

“This year I stopped complaining and changed things. I hated my body, I fixed it, (best decision ever). I hated hanging around certain people who made me feel small; I dropped them, I learnt to forgive (I still struggle but it’s a journey), I learnt to be at peace.

“I experienced a lot of disappointments too. I learnt to pick myself up after each setback without losing who I am, it isn’t the easiest thing to do but I literally had to speak words of life, positive affirmations (Godfessions)

“This year I experienced a dangerous level of freedom. I literally have no fucks to give, no explanation as to how I choose to live my life.” I woke up one day and started living for me.”

Makinwa, who got separated from Maje Ayida in 2017 and wrote a book about her failed relationship, said she tried to give love another chance.

“This year I tried to give Love a Chance again but let’s just say “if a fish and a bird fell in love, where would they make home”??? Still figuring me out but it was the best times I had,” The ‘Unbecoming’ author said.

“This year I learnt to accept things for what they are. Some people come into your life to play a role, I call them travellers, when their job is done, let them go. Stop trying to make permanent what is temporal, you’ll lose the beauty of it all.”

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