DJ Neo Sets New World Record for Longest Marathon Club DJing

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DJ Neo on Sunday surpassed the existing Guinness World Record for the longest marathon club DJing.

The Nigerian disc jockey, who set out to eclipse the record set by Polish DJ Norberto Loco in 2011, took it a step further by DJing for 14 straight days(336 hours).

His record-breaking feat took place at 355 Restaurant and Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos.

DJ Neo had on June 17 embarked on his quest to break the former 12-day world record.

After achieving his objective, the disc jockey wrote on his Instagram page: “Dj Neo breaks @guinnessworldrecords longest marathon club djin of 200 hours achieve by Norberto Loco, by an individual. Now about setting new records by Dj for the rest 6days to make it 336 hours… for the culture.”

DJ Neo is not the first Nigerian disc jockey to attempt to break the world record.

In 2016, DJ Obi, after 200 hours of ceaseless music rotation, outdid the 200-hour world record of DJ Loco.

However, his highly publicised and celebrated attempt failed to earn the recognition of the Guinness World Record.

It remains to be seen if DJ Neo’s run will be acknowledged.


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