What Do You Want From This Thing Called Marriage?

Marriage is a beautiful thing, there are no two ways about it. Good marriages are one of the most lovely things on earth one can behold, and experience. There’s nothing more magical, despite its challenges.
A good marriage radiates from whosoever is in it. It makes them glow. Puts a spring in their gaits and sweetness in their tone. It brings accomplishments their ways and makes them ride on the wings of joy, happiness and love.
It does not matter your religion or creed, your inclination or convictions. The magic in a good marriage stands sure and it’s ambience cannot hide nor can be hidden.

However, the word ‘marriage’ is fast becoming a word to be wary of, a word that sucks the light out of the hearts of many, a word that sweeps the brightness away from their eyes, a word that means doom to many.
A word synonymous with domestic horror.
Marriage is becoming a thing to be feared, a thing many would want to avoid, a thing that fills the heart with trepidation and the mind with apprehension.
Yes, I believe in the institution of marriage and its establishment. This institution remains the basis of humanity; of procreation, of relationships, of societal appreciation, of brotherhood.
Maybe I should get back to the top. The very beginning.
You see, i believe in God and in what His Words say in the Bible. I have no regrets about this nor do i have any apologies to render to anyone concerning it.
The first relationship that existed after creation was marital. We all know the story of Adam and Eve.
Generations later, the plan for salvation became hatched around another scene; a virgin betrothed to a young man. Many of us know about the story of the young man Joseph and Mary his wife, and their child Jesus. Another marriage scene.
Is it a surprise then that the first miracle this young Jesus did was in a marriage scene at Cana?
He had compassion on them and didn’t want the couple to be put to shame in their marriage, and so He stepped in to provide for them at their wedding reception. Constrained to uphold the beautiful institution the Godhead had established generations before that day.
Finally, my Bible makes me understand that those who have fought the good fight of faith would be present on the day the bride and groom; (Christ and the church) would be united once more in ‘marriage’. Forever.
I can therefore boldly say that God is on the side of marriage, and He gave it to us out of love, not like He needs it.
So, why are marriages the way they are these days?
Because God is only interested in and involved in Godly marriages. Marriages built on the foundations of his stipulations. His Words.
It is no more news that this thing called marriage has been trivialized, polluted and bastardized, and woefully counterfeited. Little wonder then, we have sunk this low, this deep, this woefully deep.
Divorce rates are climbing everyday, domestic violence is becoming a trend, cheating, deceit, dishonesty, inconceivable levels of brutality, betrayal, selfishness and blatant abuse.
Where the insatiable love of money has overtaken and swallowed up the love of couples, where material gains have superseded values in the choice of a partner, where vanity has beclouded the senses of many and spirituality relegated to almost nothingness.
Most times these marriages eventually just crumble and pack up.
And we ask where is God in all of this? Where has He allowed it all to spin crazily out of order.
But why won’t Father Lord take away his hands from a polluted institution? Why won’t He leave us to our ‘smart’ ways when we unrepentantly and unabashedly rub it into His face that we know how marriage works and our ways would be better?
Why won’t He? He is a ‘gentleman’.
I read somewhere that marriages are the thermometer of the morals of a society, a direct and stark presentation of the moral structure and values of a people, and I believe it.
A people with sick marriages is a sick society with despicable moral standards, and a morally bankrupt society can never make great marriages. You can take this to the bank. They are the two inseparable sides of a coin.
A sure barometer.
So we forget that marriage is a journey of faith, and our God is a faith God.  Outside of Him every other thing is just about hope and permutation, trial and error, and this is the path many have chosen to walk in their marriages.
But then, life deals with us independently and so does marriage.
Yours can be different. Yours should be different. Yours has to be different.
You can make yours work. You can be the marital compass for others. Shine the light and blaze the trail.
I must say though, that one cardinal principle here is not being unequally yoked. Summarily, it means be sure to marry ‘your kind’.
So now, i ask, what do YOU want out of THIS THING CALLED MARRIAGE?
Chileta Vincent. 2017.
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