Listen Up Guys, This Advice is for You When You Are Confused in Your Relationship


When your lady starts acting funny towards you, most of the times its either she just met someone new, someone came back or she is not interested in you . Don’t let any lady take you for a fool…They don’t just act up; the above may most likely be the reason for those attitude towards you.
Never allow anyone take you for granted, if you can’t be the priority in her life, let her be. If she really loves you, no amount of challenges or issues will make her withdraw from you as you never told her you are perfect or were going to be perfect for her. You are not an option and you can never be.
You can’t continue to chase after a lady all your life. If she continues to run away while all you do is to chase after her, she’s simply telling you that you are not what she wants. Do yourself good by stepping on the break pad and make a U-turn as you are not tied to any lady. You may end up losing a better one in the course of chasing one who is not ready for you.
In my opinion, I think it’s a waste of time wooing (toasting) a lady; My reasons are, when you are busy chasing a viable future and a beautiful vision that is already visible and producing results, it naturally pulls or attracts ladies to your direction, all you just need do is chose a good one among them and share your vision with her, then leave her to decide if she has what it takes to run that vision with you.
You can’t continue to chase after anything in skirt, as you are not a dog who goes about chasing every female dog on the street. You must be disciplined enough as a man to be known with someone and not being described as a frog who goes about jumping from one lady to the other.
The first thing God gave to man was a job and not a woman. Your life is not measured by the number of women you have laid or slept with; but by the measure of impact you have made to humanity. Stop going about bragging with your foolish friends how many ladies you have slept with as no one will give you a trophy for that; it only makes you look foolish and stupid as only grown boys do that. You can’t continue to do the wrong thing and expect God to bless you. Set your priorities right on this as this is where your dignity and respect starts from as a man as there is dignity in labor. Most times you get disrespected by a lady, it’s not because you don’t have what it takes to be a man, but just because you lack a sense of direction.
Every man must out of his own obscurity and ignorance find a mission for himself, and that mission, is either you fulfill it or you betray it. You’ve been born hence you must survive. The birth of a man is like a dice been casted in a ludo game and when that happens, the fate of men is to be decided. If we concentrate the same determination and passion we use in chasing women on a viable vision, I tell you, you would excel at anything you put your hands into.
I just need you to know that you have all it takes to be whatever you want to be in life. Find your place in destiny and be serious about your life, with consistency, you will sure hit the mark.

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